When it comes to mobile app development then it leads to two ways of doing it. One is the traditional method and the use of MVP. Let us see how MVP is more efficient than the traditional method.

The traditional method

The traditional way requires the best  iphone app development company . To input your ideas and the features you need to call the best mobile app development companies and after hundreds of conversation they agree to work for you. Doesn’t it sound very abstract and senseless? For example you want to build a fashion app. So you need to be updated with all the trend and you need to give the option of add to cart and wishlist and quick login and so many more. Now the company gives you confirmation and you pay a little advance. After six months you get the app and pay the rest of the money. Sounds easy and great? But now think after so much wait and payment when you app fails to rise in the market? The results does not meet either your or the customers’ expectations. Sounds bad right? All the time and money wasted and you would curse your luck for this.

So we have got the other method.

App development with MVP

MVP or Minimum Viable Product is of course a better option than the traditional way. It inputs only those features that are necessary and unique for your app. The fashion app that took 6 months to develop in the traditional method would need a month and a half more to do it. Hence it is less time consuming and less costly. MVP actually encourages you to work smarter and not harder. It is because through MVP you can develop the app in less time and cost and then you can check the results and the feedback and can then edit the necessaries. Hence the cycle of you mind and the mobile app goes on like this.

Why MVP is important?

  • MVP is considered as the core of the app: MVP solely concerns the primary and the key app features. It has nothing to do with the secondary issues.
  • Fastest and accurate way to get user review about the app: MVP gives the opportunity to receive user reviews and then implement the new ideas as a cycle of edit and result. This makes the developer to evaluate the app performance and improve the app version.
  • MVP allows to deal with security issues better: security issues are a big deal today and MVP cats smartly with the security loopholes and resolve them approximately.


Therefore in the competitive scenario MVP has eased a bit the iPhone App Development India . It is the smartest way to reach the market and assess the real user issues to learn whether you are in the right or wrong way. Some of the trending examples of MVP app development are instagram, uber and so on. Therefore think smartly and adapt the MVP for your next project.


Top iOS App Development Trends Of 2019


With the introduction of iOS app development we have only seen an upward trend with the iPhones & iPads continue to be people’s top choice. Apple products are powered by superb and useful apps and with the release of iOS 12, users can look for more advanced and swift developments in its technology. As usual in 2019, Apple will match steps with the ever advancing digital revolution and will bring before us rapid changes powered by AR & VR. Let us now see what 2019 will unfold before us in terms of app development.

More Security : as we know that every new app which comes on the app store is prone to cyber threat and hacking, and Apple is an organisation that continues to work on providing complete security to the app which is quite evident from the reason people choose iPhones globally. So even this year it is not going to be any different but making apps more and more secured. The user of the apps along with the developers need not feel threatened from continuous cyber hacks.

AR Rules : the world is getting dominated with Artificial Intelligence, powered by Augmented Reality and Apple doesn’t want to feel left out, that is why with the introduction of the AR Kit 2 that is basically an effort from Apple to combine the technologies of AR & VR. This will make the whole iPhone App Development India of iOS programs more strong and suitable. Consider this trend to be a beginning of a great technological advanced iOS future.

SWIFT Will Evolve More As A Programming Language : although the app developers of iOS are well informed about how staunch is the SWIFT language and year 2018 witnessed SWIFT 4 being released by Apple, the developers are now keeping a close watch on the much awaited SWIFT 5 version release.

App Development On The Organisation Level Will Continue Reaching New Highs : the level of security and easy user interface make iOS apps a hit globally and this will continue to rise as more and more organisations will construct apps that are more productive and strong in terms of cyber security. The users will find the apps more convenient and easy to use.

Apple HomeKit Will Become More Progressive : with more and more smart home devices like smart speakers, remotes, smart plugs, surveillance cameras, smart doorbells, smart locks, heating and cooling systems, smart lighting and much more coming into the market, Apple HomeKit will give rise to the development of more apps that will use it. That is why iPhone App Development Company  will make the most of this opportunity, resulting in higher revenues.

As we all are aware of the fact that Apple continues to provide great developer and support combined with unimaginable ways to earn higher and higher revenues, this year too Apple will earn the global user support and interest and make its place more strong in the minds of the iOS users.



Tips to Effectively Promote Your Startup Website or App on Social Media with Minimal Budget

Affordable Digital marketing services Company

Creating your startup marketing plan is a crucial task especially when the budget is tight. So, do you think one cannot do effective marketing of a startup that fits in his pocket? Obviously, the case may not like this as we think! A startup can be promoted in a moderate marketing budget too. All you need is a perfect PR strategy and advertising that solely focuses on gaining the attention of the target audience. These days marketing through the use of social media is one of the most beneficial ways to serve the purpose. 

We all know how our PM Modi leveraged the power of social media to win Lok Sabha polls in 2014. New York Times even called him social media politician and Business Todays wrote a case study on his social media strategies.

Knowing the hassle of marketing in a limited budget and using social media as a platform to promote your business, here are the tips below:

Be a Savvy Social Networker

Create business accounts and participate in the big social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. Add Instagram in there too if your business is image-oriented. Also, check out this list of easy Facebook marketing ideas for any type of business.

Get Ad Promo Credits

While massive ad campaigns may be out of your budget, there are often discounts and coupons floating around for paid Facebook ads or Google ads. Some web hosting services offer advertising discount codes as part of their membership offerings. Check and see if yours does.

Stumble Upon Advertising

Stumble Upon is pretty cheap compared to other paid ad structures. You start with a base price of 10 cents per click, and then add +2 cents for age targeting, gender targeting, and device targeting. You can see the whole price list for detailed info. Whichever way you spin it, Stumble Upon’s paid offering is leagues cheaper than most other social media ads; Facebook ads, for example, can cost as much as 80 cents per click.

To really benefit from Stumble Upon, use targeting options to make sure you’re hitting the right audiences and niches.

Bum About on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a major social media site that is often under-utilized. Don’t just add network connections and sign out – join groups, enter into dialogue with connections, and share your blog posts. There’s a ton happening on LinkedIn, and it can be a great place to promote your content, share ideas, and build your brand. 

Use Celebrity Power or Influencers

It’s good to use someone’s goodwill rather than waiting to build your own. Same is the case with influencer marketing tactics. Social media influencers have usually an immense following, and their followers literally love everything they do. You can use social media influencers and make them a part of your marketing strategy. By this way, they will be promoting your startup via all of their social media platforms and the product will reach a massive number of their fans.

This marketing stunt isn’t costly and can bring excellent news for you regarding product reach and brand presence.

Indirect Marketing on Facebook, Quora, Twitter

People are less likely to buy a product that is directly pitched to them. The modern marketing strategy always contains an approach of indirect marketing.

Social media platforms are a great opportunity for indirect marketing for those who want to grab it. For example, Facebook has different groups, discussion threads, and pages where people discuss dos and don’ts of successful startups. Twitter has the power to attract users with a single tweet, and Quora has become the Google for askers. All of these social media platforms can be used to increase the engagement of your product by discussing, answering, tweeting and backlinking your opinions to your product.

Use the “story making” feature

A thing that the majority of us don’t realize is the power of social media apps. Every application has a different following, and each app serves a different niche.

Snapchat, Instagram, and lots of other apps can be used as an effective marketing tool. Be it making stories of your startup journey on Snapchat, mobile marketing is a very cost-effective trend to use. Instagram can be used as a product catalog as it serves the genre of images. 

Youtube for Your Startup

YouTube is the largest online video platform to promote your products. You may upload videos about your startup journey or give your audience an insight of your upcoming products. Videos are destined to reach more audience as they are less time taking and easy to understand. You can always promote your brand on Youtube and guess what? It doesn’t need a dime to be spent. All it takes is a smart branding strategy and creativity to make your brand presence on YouTube.


Get Live With Facebook Live

It is no secret that video marketing is taking over the Internet by storm. Most of the content marketers and organizations are busy in promoting their brand primarily on Facebook.

Facebook Live is a great feature that lets you communicate with your audience without any roadblocks. This direct interaction excites the audience to buy a product as the communication builds trust between the seller and the buyer.

Post on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network in which users are able to share and discover through pinning images and videos on their own boards and on others’ boards. Users are able to have their own board, search for content to place on their board, and search through the content others have on their board. Pinterest is made to hold on to the best of what you can find on the internet into neatly categorized boards. Having your product on someone’s board means they have chosen to hold on to you and that anyone who views their board will be exposed to you.



Marketing through social media is one of the most versatile and cost-effective strategies of digital marketing that small businesses can use to reach their target audience and boost sales over time. That’s why 97% of marketers are using social media to reach their audiences. Marketing isn’t always about spending big bucks to gain attention as sometimes; small gestures and intelligent use of social media bring in more organic engagement. Social media websites, interactive applications, open discussion forums, publishing mediums are all opportunities for those marketers who want to put up a great show for their brand without spending much.


Top 5 Mobile App Development Tips for Startups (Android and iOS)

Top 5 Mobile App Development Tips for Start-ups (1)

With the advancement of technology developing apps that instantly enthrall people seems to be easy, however coming up with top ideas to sustain market competition is quite difficult. Regardless of whatever business you might be carrying having a mobile app is essential to create revenue. Keeping in mind the current trend, almost every business in the marketplace has been approaching a Mobile App Development company for the development of their apps; however only a few seem to succeed. So in case, you are just starting your business, here are few things you need to keep in mind for a successful mobile App Development on Android and iOS –

  • Know your audience – As you are building the app for the customers, they are a vital ingredient for the mobile App Development. Along with that the startups also need to find their habits, likes and dislikes etc. This helps businesses develop a strong strategy for building an app for any required platform.
  • Learn the purpose of your app – While you learn about your audience, startups also need to find the reason for building the app. Startups need to develop the app taking into consideration the specific set of client or any other business will help you decide the purpose of building your app.
  • Decide the platform on which the app needs to be developed – Next step after deciding your target audience and also the purpose of your app is to decide the platform on which you are going to develop your apps like an Android or iOS platform. Since the look of the app and various other parameters depend on the platform. Apps that work on both Android and iOS platforms are much in demand.
  • Keep it simple and sweet – Just because you need an app that keeps people engaged, startups should not build an intricate app interface. People always prefer a simple interface where they can find what they are looking out for easily.
  • High performance and Fast loading – Mobile apps that are developed need to be fast and highly interactive. Apps that crash regularly will find their way out of the people’s mobile phones.

Smartphones are a part of our daily life; mobile apps are gaining precedence over all other things. To increase their sales, startups need to stay on top of the clients by developing comprehensive and user-friendly apps that work on the native platforms. Following the above steps will make sure that any start-up will be able to build a super mobile app.


Affordable Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services to Promote Your Product

The current generation is a digital generation. Everything we do is done digitally. Every business small or big needs to advertise and currently, there are so many businesses that have come into the forefront. If you are a business in today’s world, then your next step to publicize yourself is through an online environment. Here is where the digital marketing services come into the picture. They are the best way to promote your goods/services keeping in minds the current trends in digital marketing. Online promotion is a way to increase traffic towards your website and the most effective way to create traffic to your website is SEO marketing. Now, what do you mean by SEO. In simple terms, it is a process that influences the online visibility of a website. All the businesses want that their company site should always be in the above ranks when people are searching for stuff related to their company. If you want your keyword that is used by SEO in the initial ranks, you should try to be the best result. Some of the common mistakes that businesses make with SEO strategy that need to be avoided are –

Improper use of keywords; producing duplicate content and low- quality content for an SEO

The main important part of SEO is a keyword. Users assess your website based on their choice of the keyword. The success of your business has been based on the number of people knowing about your products/services. So when people search for something on the website and they are looking for something specific, they might try all the permutations and combinations they can think of. Business should understand words that would be preferred by their potential customers. So digital marketing services company should help the business select a keyword that would enable them to generate most searches. Once you have the set of correct keywords, then next in line is the creation of the most effective and relevant content since the content is what makes or breaks your website. Your content should not be there just for having it with low-quality content or with contents having been copied from other sites. If you want to draw people to your content it should be equally appealing, attractive, informative and entertaining. You cannot fool the customer by showing the same content in different manners. Always remember customers want answers when they are using the search engines and in turn search engines want websites with SEO. So with both of these, you are sure to hit the bull’s eye.

Affordable Digital Marketing Services

Ignoring the power of Social Media; lack of mobile-friendly website and a Poor site structure main hindrance for SEO

Social Media holds a significant place to increase the power of SEO. People are nowadays are always on social media and hence it is easy target your audience through social media. Social media increased traffic since you can get the attention of users who can have influence online. Building relationships is an important part of your optimization strategy. It is very important to display the home page and correctly connect to various other pages that will make users life easy. Pages should be categorized as per their importance and content. The website should have a structure that is quite simple and easy to navigate. Digital marketing services help you create a website that is mobile friendly. In the modern era, where uses of smartphones have become more of a necessity, people access websites n their mobile phones. Google has mentioned in their guidelines that websites with helpful mobile contents would be given top spots in the search results since traffic from websites accessed through mobile devices are on increase.

So the best SEO strategies are the ones that would help you make a mark in this Digital world. SEO helps people find you and your products/services on the web. It has the power to pull clients towards your business and to sustain in this market you need to find the best Digital marketing company. Your search ends at Grepix. Grepix is one of the best digital marketing companies that implement the most essential Online Digital Marketing Strategy and aims at helping your business reach heights.